Depressing Buttons

by Gorro

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released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Gorro Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Lacknessness
What do you want me to say
I get wayyyy too distracted
I'm staring at the corner of the wall
I'm thinking a bit off

Quit saying you're not
You don't wanna seem average
You told me if I run don't talk about it
Some things aren't tragic

See I don't know what to think through
Through the course of a sudden ending
I'm staring at the side of your skull
I'm blinking in hopes of

Seeing something else there
Seeing something better
I've just been lining threads
Plotting how it ends
Track Name: Easy, Easy
Stay close cause I consider you my own

I don't mind if you don't speak back

I'm wonderin' what's on your mind
and if perfect means when you're around

You made me some tea and float off the ground again
I've stayed for long enough
Can I pretend to call you my own
Track Name: Blood Hands
Tell me i'm wrong
But i'm just too caught up with catching up
Or some sort of flaw relating

Well stay there
I'm thinking of taking up a chance to go
A chance to know you (better)
A chance to go
A chance to know you a bit

So i'll try and start the conversation
Where are you
Where are the words you promised
In fact is there a possibility

But something's wrong with me
Somethings I can't seem to defeat
Something's wrong w/me
Something's wrong with me

Listen I spoke with the best intention
Kept out the worst words it's hard
(I drive cars into walls)
I spoke with less intention this time
Cause you haven't shown yourself
Are you even there
I spoke with a light inflection
And came down with the worst words this time
I carved them into stalls
If you're talking I don't hear a thing
I quit trying to medicate
Cause what's working is working